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About Us


We are a small group of gear heads that work here. One has worked directly or indirectly with GM as an employee or supplier for 52 years, another as a contract employee and former dealer service manager over 30 years , and a youngster with only about 20 years of association . We are truly VINTAGE.

In 1994 Vintage Vehicle Services Inc. began working very closely with General Motors of Canada to make a variety of Information available to the general public. Over the years the relationship mellowed as many do, and by 2015 we decided we would continue this on our own rather than see it discontinued altogether. Our office is located next door to the General Motors of Canada administrative building.

Our microfilm and microfiche records consist of copies of original GM production records that go back to 1945 and are the only ones known to exist for vehicles produced in Canada.

Our hand-written records go back to the late 1920's, but unfortunately are not vehicle specific and usually only have beginning and ending model year serial numbers, key serial number ranges, and quantities of each model produced, along with tire size and wheelbase.

In general we have, as available, for any Canadian built or U.S. built and Canadian sold car or truck, option content, shipping and/or production dates, name and/or code of selling dealer, trim and paint codes and verbal description, numbers of the particular models produced for sale in Canada, the producing plant, engine size and HP and engine ID stamped codes, and Engineering/Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Specifications based on your particular V.I.N.


It may sometimes be possible to locate a vehicle by providing an engine or FCO (Body) number stamped on the Body Tag if the VIN is missing. Very difficult and time consuming, but sometimes possible.

Unfortunately the amount of data varies by year, and the earlier years (prior to 1964) do not have any option (RPO) data recorded.

From 1960 onward, we can identify the quantity of a particular option installed on any particular car line, and from 1972 including imported vehicles as well. Our data is very extensive.

Following the introduction of the Canada - U.S. Auto Pact of 1965, Canada began to export production to the U.S., and while the U.S. was already exporting product into Canada, the volume became greater.

Canadian and US. produced vehicles can be identified by the plant code in the VIN, with Canadian production having a number (1 for Oshawa, 2 for Ste Therese), and U.S. having a letter (too many to identify here).

Due to manufacturing efficiencies, models of some car lines made in Canada were imported from the U.S. Specifically, high performance Chevelles from 1969 and 1970 equipped with 427 (1969) and 454 (1970) c.i engines were not assembled In Canada. Because these engines were only produced in Tonawanda, NY and the expected volume for Canadian consumption was very low, it was decided not to import any of these engines for factory use. These imported models can be Identified as having a "B" or "K" In their VIN's.

For example, for 1969 model year GM Canada produced 9612 Malibu sport coupes (model 13637) for sale in Canada, 10828 for export to U.S., and Imported 201 of the same model.

Similarly, GM Canada produced 787 Malibu convertibles (model 13667) for sale in Canada, exported 521 to the U.S., and Imported 10 of the same model.

We have no records for U.S. produced vehicles that were produced for U.S. sale prior to 1977.

Except for very limited Pontiac and Cadillac vehicles, no such records exist.

We do have access to U.S. built/sold vehicles after this date.

We do not create or reproduce window stickers. Replacement window stickers are available directly from GM only for current model year new vehicles within 60 days of notification of sale. Any label reproduced afterward can have any information included that may or may not be accurate for that particular model.

High performance clones abound, and are nowhere as valuable as factory production vehicles. Before you invest big money, you owe it to yourself to ensure that the vehicle is exactly as advertised.

For select vehicles we offer a 'Heritage Certificate' that comes with embossed paperwork to deter any fraudulent reproduction.

Be wary of anyone asking to share your vehicle data on the internet. Their motives may not always be honourable.

While internet information is usually interesting, it may not always be accurate. We caution its use to "Verify" your vehicle data.

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