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Replacement Vehicle Label Documentation for Vehicles

Manufactured by General Motors


Most labels that are specific to your vehicle cannot be reproduced. This generally includes labels that have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) embossed on them and include Service Parts Identification (SPID) and Compliance labels.

TThe information contained on these labels can be prepared and retained in your vehicle for future use if required. Please contact us directly for your needs

The Gross Vehicle Weight label identifies the vehicle production date, Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR), tire size and is required by law enforcement, especially for trucks, to ensure the vehicle is not overloaded. Please contact us directly for your needs

Tire Label - Tire information i.e. pressure is not found in the vehicle owner's manual.

Because most vehicles are available with optional tire sizes, the tire label is the only source for tire size, other than production records as found on the S.P.I.D label.

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