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General Documentation for Vehicles Manufactured by General Motors


If you need it, we can probably prepare it.


You may require specific documentation for your vehicle for a variety of reasons which can include:

  • V.I.N. Verification

  • Production Date

  • Emissions Control Equipment

  • Vehicle Towing Capacity

  • Vehicle Certificate of Origin

We can document the type of emission controls with which your specific vehicle was produced if you are pulled over by the Ministry of Environment.

While we cannot provide a true copy of a Certificate of Origin, we can prepare a Statement of Origin that contains the same information but is not a true Certificate.

Please contact us directly to make sure you receive the correct request form. Once we receive the form your request will normally be processed within one business day.


Where Was My Car Built?


As automotive consumers, we often wonder where our car, truck or SUV may have been built. Educating ourselves about where cars are built may help us make an informed purchasing decision. Since 1981 the first digit of the 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number located on the dash in front of the driver shows what country the vehicle was produced in:

  • 1,5 is made in the USA

  • 2 is made in Canada

  • 3 is made in Mexico

  • L ( like the Buick Envision ) is made in China

  • K is made in Korea

  • J is made in Japan

  • W is made in Germany

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